Applied Human Biology


As a student of Applied Biology, you will gain an understanding of how human biology and lifestyle factors interact to affect the health of individuals and populations. You will also explore the many ways that this knowledge can be applied in order to improve diagnostic and health outcomes. You will gain theoretical knowledge of human body functioning, an insight into the factors and risks affecting health and knowledge of how biology is applied to make a positive impact on all our lives. You will learn how to demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding, drawing on a range of areas within human biology, health and disease. You will be able to apply a detailed understanding of biological processes, linking these to more complex health and disease issues. You will be able to analyse, interpret and evaluate information in realistic human biology contexts, drawing conclusions that are well reasoned and supported with evidence. You will learn to make complex connections between biological processes and health and disease in realistic human biology contexts.


With a track record built over 30 years of learner success, BTEC Nationals are widely recognised by industry and higher education as the signature vocational qualification at Level 3. They provide progression to the workplace either directly or via study at a higher level, for example university.


Knowledge and understanding of human biology provides the foundation for working in the health and health science sectors. The sectors are wide-ranging, including, for example, life sciences, clinical biomedical sciences and physiological sciences. There are approximately 50,000 people employed in applied health science occupations in the UK. The applied health and health science sectors have a crucial role to play in improving and supporting the health of the nation.

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 4 in Science GCSE or BTEC level 2 merit. Maths and English to grade 4.


External assessment (Exam 58%) Internal assessment (Coursework 42%)

Opportunities for work related activities

Visit to a hospital or medical laboratory. Guest speakers in health and safety, microbiology, disease and a variety of real life practical activities and investigations.

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