Art and Design Transition


As a student of Art & Design, you will develop your intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities through a varied and personalised curriculum. You will develop investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, technical and expressive skills alongside gaining aesthetic understanding and critical judgement. These skills will enable you to grow independently, developing, refining and communicating your own ideas and presenting your own personal outcomes. Through your practical experience of working with a broad range of media and art based materials, you will develop your interest and enthusiasm for the arts, gaining an awareness of the processes and contexts in which they operate. Your knowledge and experience of the creative industries and real-world contexts will be developed through visits and project briefs that increase your understanding of the roles, functions, audiences and consumers of art, craft and design. You will develop and apply these skills in your coursework which will cover a broad range of art, photographic and digital units.


Further learning, leading to Higher Education. Developing knowledge, transferable skills and personal skills with the aim of enhancing employability.


The Art and Design industry has many strands that you can specialise in, ranging from popular routes such as fashion design and photography to animation, body art and web design. The most formal routes are apprenticeships, further and higher education.

Additional Entry Requirements

No specific entry requirements. Students will be expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment. The course requires considerable work to be completed outside of lessons.


While you will receive ongoing verbal feedback each lesson, a formal assessment will take place following the completion of every unit. The work will be assigned a grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction, with the possibility of students achieving an overall grade of Distinction*.
On completion of your two years on this course, you will have achieved a Diploma equivalent to two Level 3 qualifications.

Opportunities for work related activities

Units are theme based to relate to work related environments.

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