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In order to best support our students to make informed choices that support their futures, we invite all of our prospective students for a detailed guidance meeting in order to fully understand their aspirations and assess their needs. During these meetings, we are also looking for students to demonstrate their readiness, suitability and determination, as well as the literacy and numeracy skills needed for Post 16 study.

We welcome applications from students who have not been educated in secondary schools within the Cabot Learning Federation. Where the centre is oversubscribed, priority places will be given to those who are currently educated within the Cabot Learning Federation.

Where we are oversubscribed in some subjects and offer a range of courses of the same standard across the sites, we reserve the right to select the home academy of the students based on the courses taken.

The CLF Admissions Policy is available here

We recommend that you apply early to our centre before Christmas in order to avoid disappointment as many courses become oversubscribed.

Additional Needs

Our centre has specialists and equipment to cater for, and support, students with additional needs. Our buildings are contemporary buildings, which have been built to be inclusive. We are able to provide support for students who experience difficulty with study as well as for those who are physically disabled.

Our students benefit from specialist support, where possible, from within the academies in the Cabot Learning Federation and from our Post 16 Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to raise any specific needs at during guidance, and our staff will assess the extent to which we can meet those needs, in order to keep all parties fully informed.

Our SEND policy can be accessed here

Our Medical and First Aid policy can be accessed here

Year 13 Academic Criteria for Entry

Entry into Y13 on your existing course is not automatic in CLF Post 16. 

The majority of students will continue into Y13 dependent on the entry criteria for courses as outlined below: 

  1. For A levels, all students must attain a minimum academic standard of passing all subjects (at least at grade E) with at least two D grades for successful progression in to Y13.
  2. For BTECs, all students must attain a minimum vocational standard of passes for successful progression.

If necessary, teachers will be asked to write supportive statements confirming academic suitability for continued study at A level. 

Following receipt of AS results, students who have met these entry requirements will be offered a place in Y13 to continue their courses.  

Students who do not meet the entry requirements as detailed above will be given personalised guidance about a change of study programme and the relevant courses available to support them to achieve their aspirations.  They will not be able to re-sit the same core learning aims (i.e., the same subjects again) as they did in Y12. 

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