Public Services


Do you have a desire to help people? This course is for those who can see themselves working in a range of different public services such as those with the civil service, health service, armed forces and emergency services. The public service sector employs vast numbers of people across the world with a wide range of available jobs at different levels, all with one aim in mind of meeting the needs of the people we serve in our local communities. The aims of this qualification are to inspire and enthuse you to consider a full time career in the public services sector. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to support progression to a specialised level 3 qualification, or to an apprenticeship. As a student of public services you will develop your intellectual, interpersonal, self monitoring and critical thinking capabilities through a varied and personalised curriculum where you can specialise in certain units. The transferable skills that you will develop over the 1 year course will be:

1. The ability to learn independently
2. The ability to research actively and methodically
3. Being able to give presentations and being active group members
4. Collaborate within the local community during work experience placements


This provides a strong base for progression to apprenticeships, work or university or moving from level 2 to level 3.

Additional Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal entry requirements, the qualification supports progression from GCSE subjects and will equip you fully for progression onto a level 3 course.

Opportunities for Work Related Activities

Visiting professionals, guest speakers and work experience placements.

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