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Welcome to CLF Post 16. We are a centre of education for ages 16-19 offering a range of level 2 and level 3 vocational courses and full breadth of A Level qualifications.

At the Cabot Learning Federation, we are a diverse community which welcomes and values students, parents and staff from all backgrounds and religious traditions. When you join the Cabot Learning Federation, you can expect excellence.

Kath Cooper
Principal CLF Post 16
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When I first started here, I was the quiet kid, the one who was too afraid to speak up, I didn’t let anyone know how I was feeling because honestly, I was too embarrassed and scared to. But once someone helped me take that very tiny first step into finding out about help, my life and experience here completely changed for the better. I became far more confident in myself and my abilities and found out things about myself that shocked me but in the best way. There is always someone for you to talk to and they have the facilities to give you anything you need to be successful during your time here.

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