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Exam Information

Summer 2023 Exams

Summer exams run from 26/04/2023 until 23/06/2023.

The Exam boards have also set 28/06/2023 as a contingency date in case any exams have to be moved. All students must be available on this date.

Please click here to view the timetable

Mock Exams

At CLF-Post-16, we give all of our students an opportunity to sit mock exams in ‘formal’ exam conditions to ensure that they are well prepared for the whole exam experience. This helps students overcome their anxieties about working for a sustained period in the exam hall and understand the pressures that they may face in their ‘real’ exams.

Access Arrangements and Special Consideration

If a student’s normal way of working in class involves additional support, they should be eligible for Exam Access Arrangements to be put in place for their official exams.  If the student goes through difficult personal circumstances during the exams, Special Consideration may also be applied for.

The following links outline the most common Exam Access Arrangements that can be put in place for exam candidates and the Special Consideration process:

A guide to the special consideration process

Post Results Services

We hope you will be pleased with your results.  However, should you have any concerns, we encourage you to discuss them with the Exams Officer, a teacher, head of department or the Careers Officer.  We will be able to advise on your options and next steps.  This might include explaining how your grade was reached, requesting a review of marking, explaining options for re-sits and finally the possibility of asking us to appeal your result.

The PRS form below relates to post-results services that the exam boards offer, such as:

  • clerical checks (checking all parts of the script have been marked, the totalling & recording of marks)
  • reviews of marking (a post-results review of the original marking to ensure the mark scheme has been applied correctly)
  • access to exam scripts (e.g. accessing copies of exam scripts to determine whether or not to request reviews of marking)

Before we can request any of these services on your behalf, you must sign and return the form to us, confirming that you understand that grades are not protected, meaning a grade could go down, stay the same or increase as a result of a review.  Fees also apply for many of the services, payable per paper rather than per subject, and are listed in the document below.

22-23 Summer Post Results Services Consent and Payment Form

22-23 Summer Post Results Services Deadlines, Fees and Charges

Information for Students

Entry for Formal Exams

Students will receive a Statement of Entry and an Individual Candidate Timetable.  Students must check these very carefully to ensure that their entries are correct.  If students have any queries regarding their entries, they should speak to the subject teacher/subject head and for any exam organisation queries, please speak to the Exams Officer.

By being entered for formal exams, students agree to abide by the regulations of the exam boards.  Copies of the current Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulations are shown below.  Students must read these carefully and note that any break in examination rules or regulations could lead to disqualification of some or all qualifications.  The school must report any breach of regulations to the relevant awarding body.

Exams cannot be rescheduled.  Medical evidence will be required from a doctor or hospital if students are too unwell to attend an exam.  If they are delayed or unable to attend an exam through illness, they must contact the absence line immediately and get a message to the Exams Officer.

If any problems arise during the exam season, students should speak to the appropriate person as soon as possible:

Exams Officer: [email protected]

Special Educational Needs Coordinator / Exam Access Arrangements: [email protected]

Exams Contingency Date 2023

IFC – Coursework Assessments 2022

IFC – NE Assessments 2022

IFC – On-Screen Examinations 2022

JCQ – Preparing to sit your exams

Information for candidates Privacy Notice 21-22

IFC – Written Examinations 2022

Social Media Information for Candidates

Student’s Handbook

Exam Booklet for Students 2022-23

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have an exam clash? 

Depending on the total length of the exams, arrangements will be made for you to take the exams one after the other, either in the morning or afternoon session.  You will be supervised between the exams as you will still be in exam conditions.

What happens if I have an appointment on the same day as an exam? 

You will need to change the appointment!  Exams must happen on the date and time specified by the exam board.

What if the fire alarm sounds? 

You will be instructed by the invigilator to stop writing and close your exam paper and answer booklet.  You will remain seated and in silence.  If you are instructed to evacuate the room, you must do so in silence and follow the instructions of the invigilator.  Once you are re-seated, the exam will restart and you will be given the full working time set for the examination.  The examination board will also be informed of the events.

What happens if I fall ill during an exam? 

If you feel unwell during an exam, raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to come to you.  You may be able to be given a supervised rest and to discuss your options with school staff.

What if I need special consideration? 

The school can request special consideration in exceptional circumstances.  Please talk to your teacher, tutor or the Exams Officer for information or advice.