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Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at CLF Post 16 is actively taught to ensure that all students have the “keys to their subjects”. It fulfils the promise we make to students when they select subjects, peaking their curiosity, engaging and inspiring enthusiasm and expectations throughout the courses.

Our curriculum aims to develop a deep connection with subjects which becomes part of a student’s identity, increasing their self-agency and opening doors to their future. Our investment in each individual develops a sense of belonging and achievement so that they fulfil their potential.

We inspire and empower our students to develop an understanding of their own values, beliefs and cultures and those of others, and stablishing a firm commitment to an anti-racist culture where we actively challenge all forms of racism. Ensuring that the Post 16 learning environment is safe and inclusive for all students.

We teach students in a way that values curriculum over syllabus and subject over the course. We have high expectations of students and the quality discussions that go beyond the specification and debate the big concepts. This lifts each subject and secures a deeper understanding of the substantive concepts that create the structure of each subject and the disciplinary approach that unlocks the subject discipline, setting up positive progression into adulthood.