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Student Welcome

When I first started here, I was the quiet kid, the one who was too afraid to speak up, I didn’t let anyone know how I was feeling because honestly, I was too embarrassed and scared to. But once someone helped me take that very tiny first step into finding out about help, my life and experience here completely changed for the better. I became far more confident in myself and my abilities and found out things about myself that shocked me but in the best way. There is always someone for you to talk to and they have the facilities to give you anything you need to be successful during your time here. You will also meet students with the same interest as you and love the same things. It’s a very friendly environment and during your fist couple of weeks I can guarantee there will be a friendly face around to help you find your way.  

Post 16 can be the scariest step some of you take and you should very much be proud of what you’re doing. Our courses vary from a wide range of different things, and we also have many extra circular activities you can take part in. There will always be something new that you can do and enjoy.


Student at CLF Post 16