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Financial Support





We recognise that some students travel considerable distance to access their studies with CLF Post 16 and we therefore reimburse a percentage of travel costs through our bursary scheme (fuel if driving or bus/ train tickets for public transport). If you purchase tickets, please hold on to the tickets for reimbursement. We would encourage you where possible to purchase a weekly or monthly ticket. Visit the First Bus website for ticket prices.

Exam Fees

In the first instance, CLF Post 16 will pay for all of the exam fees for courses. Where a student requests to re-sit a module, we will consider the cost of this on a case-by-case basis.

We are only funded to support students from the age of 16-19 years old.

Additional Costs

Students may be expected to buy their own books as part of their courses at some centres. There will be opportunities offered to Post 16 students, such as trips and events during enrichment which may incur some small cost.  The CLF P16 operates a bursary support programme that assesses requests for reimbursement for educational costs on a case-by-case basis

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