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Widening Participation

What is Widening Participation?

Widening Participation programmes are designed to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds going on to study at university.

Widening Participation programmes:

How do I get a place?

This varies from programme to programme – and each programme is a little different.  These are the ways you can access the programmes:

  • You apply for a place directly to the programme
  • You apply to Post 16 and we shortlist based on GCSE grades and a short personal statement
  • A member of Post 16 staff nominates you
  • You express interest and attend the sessions

Can I take part?

Each programme has its own eligibility criteria, so you will need to check carefully to see if you are eligible for a place.  Some programmes require certain grades at GCSE, whereas others look at your postcode. Please check each programme, as this can vary widely.

Does it cost anything?


What do I need to bring?

Just enthusiasm and a willingness to take part.