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Performance Data

CLF TotalY13 Nos.A*-EA*-AA*-BA*-CA*-DU/X

* Figures for 2020 were based upon Centre Assessed Grades or ‘Calculated grades’ awarded by the exam boards, following Covid 19 grading guidelines.

Performance Data

Student achievement in 2018-2021 has continued on an upward path with increasing proportions of students gaining the highest grades in their A Level and Level 3 Vocational qualifications. Since 2018 when 25.1% of students gained A*-B grades, we have seen this increase to 27.7% in 2019 and again increase to 43% in 2020 and 2021.

Both Boys and Girls have seen increasing proportions of A*-B grades over the last 3 years. 26% of Boys achieved A*-B grades in 2018 which has increased to 29% in 2019, up to 42% in 2020 and 44% in 2021. Increasing proportions of our Girls have also achieved the highest grades with 25% gaining A*-B in 2018 which increased to 27% in 2019,  43% in 2020 and 42%in 2021
We have also seen our students from disadvantaged backgrounds, doing very well. In 2018 over 53% of our ‘PP’ students achieved A*-C  grades and this increased to 61% in 2019 and up to 66% in 2020. Grades in 2020 were slightly ‘inflated as a result of the use of the ‘algorithm’ to determine some grades so we are pleased to report a figure of 64% of our disadvantaged students gaining the A*-C in 2021
A measure which more Parents and Carers are becoming interested in is the ‘Value Added’ statistic. This gives us a measure of how well students have progressed since joining us. Students who join us having attained very high grades at GCSE would be set high target grades at the end of Year 13. Students with lower average GCSE grades would have lower target grades. A ‘Value Added’ figure of zero would mean that students had achieved grades in Year 13 which were in line with the grades achieved by students throughout the country who had started with similar GCSE grades. A positive Value Added figure means that our students had made better progress than the average across the country. In 2018 our Value Added figure was -0.12. We were therefore delighted to see this increase to +0.44 in 2019, +0.47 in 2020 and 0.8 in 2021. This means that Students at CLF Post 16 have achieved more than half a grade higher than students with similar GCSE grades in other schools throughout England.

This shows that, no matter what their GCSE grades, students who join CLF Post 16 can be confident this is a place where they can make excellent progress.