Applied Psychology


As a student of BTEC Applied Psychology, you will demonstrate psychological knowledge, and be able to recall key assumptions, concepts and research. You will plan research to investigate psychological questions and carry out a pilot study to explore current issues in psychology, reviewing implications of research into psychological inquiry. You will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological approaches, theories and studies used to explain health-related behaviour and behavioural change. You will understand different psychological approaches to explaining criminal behaviour. You will investigate punishment strategies and behaviour modification of criminal behaviour. You will also apply different methods to create an offender profile.


BSc Psychology, BSc Criminology, BSc Forensics, LLB Law, BSc Sociology


Police officer, Forensic analyst, Psychologist, Lawyer, Counsellor, Teacher, Sports coach.

Additional Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in English Language, 4 in Maths, 4 in Science.


42% internally controlled assessment, 58% external examinations, two assessed internally and two externally.

Opportunities for work related activities:

Visits to academic conferences, such as Bristol University Neuroscience Conference.

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